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Physical Therapy Versailles KY
Physical Therapy Versailles KY Physical Therapy Versailles KY Physical Therapy Versailles KY Physical Therapy Versailles KY Physical Therapy Versailles KY Physical Therapy Versailles KY Physical Therapy Versailles KY

Welcome to Woodford Physical Therapy

Founded in 1998, Woodford Physical Therapy has been caring for the community for 20 years. We are dedicated to giving you a quality experience and an outstanding outcome. Initially, you will be evaluated by a licensed physical therapist. Your condition will be explained to you in understandable terms. A treatment program will be tailored toward your condition and your goals. You will be encouraged to take an active role in your recovery. Treatment will be based on the latest scientific evidence and provided by caring individuals.

Come see us at Woodford Physical Therapy, where you will be treated like family.

"Woodford PT helped me get back to a more normal state than I have
felt in years. After 5 hip surgeries, I feel stronger and more stable
than I have after any other PT I've had. The workers here
at Woodford PT are awesome and I'm sad I'll be graduating."

Samantha S.

"Started therapy in severe pain. Approximately 10 visits later I was
finished and was pain-free. The staff was always very pleasant and
knew how to handle my problem. Would certainly recommend
Woodford Physical Therapy to anyone needing therapy.
They were a great team."

Margie A.

"Very easy group to work with. Explained everything well. The
exercises I now do have made a great difference in my back.
My core is much stronger. I can now do things (dig, lift, etc.)
that previously would have made my back sore enough to affect
my mobility. Now my back gets "normal" soreness that doesn't
affect anything and is gone quickly."

Lawrence D.

"I've been a long-term patient, first for a rotator cuff issue/surgery and
then for a total shoulder joint replacement. Michael Spalding, DPT and
his staff were pleasant and fun to work with, but more importantly, really
know their business. I would rather not have a need for their services,
but if I ever do, I would go back in a minute."

Pat M.

"Everyone at Woodford physical Therapy is always kind and compassionate."

Sandra P.

"Going to PT was a true help for me and was on the last hip replacement. They
tell you what you need to do and how to get up and get moving. Kind and
understanding, and most helpful for me. Thank you!"

Vernon L.

"I'm thrilled with the results of my visit. I had approximately 3 months of severe
pain before Dr. Leung found the problem & told me I needed to go to physical
therapy. I chose your office & the pain is gone. The entire staff I found to be
personable and very good at what they do."

Diane C.

"I was impressed had both knees replaced. They made a program to fit me.
Everyone was fun to work with. They knew what i needed to do and kept me
to it. I think you would be glad to go there. I thank them a lot."

Hait C.

"If you need help recovering from surgery or an injury WPT is
the place! Highly skilled and knowledgeable. Mike, Kim and staff have
helped me to come back strong from two injuries. I highly recommend
to family and friends!"

Penny H.