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Success Stories

Hear what people are saying about Woodford Physical Therapy.

"Woodford PT helped me get back to a more normal state than I have felt in years. After 5 hip surgeries, I feel stronger and more stable than I have after any other PT I've had. The workers here at Woodford PT are awesome and I'm sad I'll be graduating."

Samantha S.

"Started therapy in severe pain. Approximately 10 visits later I was finished and was pain-free. The staff was always very pleasant and knew how to handle my problem. Would certainly recommend Woodford Physical Therapy to anyone needing therapy. They were a great team."

Margie A.

"Very easy group to work with. Explained everything well. The exercises I now do have made a great difference in my back. My core is much stronger. I can now do things (dig, lift, etc.) that previously would have made my back sore enough to affect my mobility. Now my back gets "normal" soreness that doesn't affect anything and is gone quickly."

Lawrence D.

"I've been a long-term patient, first for a rotator cuff issue/surgery and then for a total shoulder joint replacement. Michael Spalding, DPT and his staff were pleasant and fun to work with, but more importantly, really know their business. I would rather not have a need for their services, but if I ever do, I would go back in a minute."

Pat M.

"Everyone at Woodford physical Therapy is always kind and compassionate."

Sandra P.

"Going to PT was a true help for me and was on the last hip replacement. They tell you what you need to do and how to get up and get moving. Kind and understanding, and most helpful for me. Thank you!"

Vernon L.

"I'm thrilled with the results of my visit. I had approximately 3 months of severe pain before Dr. Leung found the problem & told me I needed to go to physical therapy. I chose your office & the pain is gone. The entire staff I found to be personable and very good at what they do."

Diane C.

"I was impressed had both knees replaced. They made a program to fit me. Everyone was fun to work with. They knew what i needed to do and kept me to it. I think you would be glad to go there. I thank them a lot."

Hait C.

"I was originally uncertain about using Woodford PT. Having had two prior injuries, I had used a large PT group in Lexington. However, I heard good results and so much positivity that I decided to give Woodford a try. Best decision I could have made. All the staff from the front desk to physical therapist were professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I have knee surgery scheduled at the end of the year and I will definitely be going back to Woodford PT."

Marcia A.

"If you need help recovering from surgery or an injury WPT is the place! Highly skilled and knowledgeable. Mike, Kim and staff have helped me to come back strong from two injuries. I highly recommend to family and friends!"

Penny H.

"Very good experience. Professional treatment. If I need PT again I will go back there."

Linda D.

"Therapy went well. Everyone was efficient with jobs. Therapy helped as much as it could with all that's going with. Would recommend to friend or family member."

Carolyn H.

"The staff was very professional and friendly and really cared about the patients. I would highly recommend WPT to anyone who has physical problems."

Mary Dan Raider

"Everyone makes you feel comfortable and you don't feel rushed. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I would and will refer them to friends and family."

Janet Wade

"I received therapy for 4 months on my shoulder and arm. During my many visits everyone was always very friendly and professional. I couldn't do much with my arm and shoulder when I first started but now it is working pretty good again. I would certainly recommend Woodford PT to anyone who needs therapy. All of you together have done a lot for me. Thanks to each of you for all your therapy and help."

Margie A.

"This is the first time I have experienced this type of care and attention. Here at WPT, everyone was so helpful, caring and kind! I certainly will recommend this facility gladly. Mike and his co-workers helped me feel so much better and for that I am very thankful."

Barbara S.

"The WPT therapist and staff give excellent care. They helped me gain mobility following two knee replacement surgeries. They were always caring, friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help. I felt it was important to them that I have the best care possible. I continue to stay strong by taking advantage of their alumni program. I would recommend WPT to anyone."

Jean Bowden

"I have had a great experience at Woodford Physical Therapy. The staff has been courteous and professional. Mike and Kim have shown a genuine interest in healing my injuries. Best of all, they have made a great improvement in my condition in a short time. I would certainly recommend anyone who needs PT to go to Woodford PT!"

John Hutcherson

"This is my 3rd time at Woodford Physical Therapy. Mike and all the staff are great! The atmosphere is upbeat and motivating. Each time I have needed physical therapy at WPT, I have made a full recovery. I think the excellent care provided by WPT has made all the difference!"

Ron Wyatt

"The staff at Woodford Physical Therapy was very friendly. I will remember them in the future. Everyone seemed to enjoy their work and working with their patients. The treatment I received was really relaxing and comfortable. I will definitely tell others about the treatment if received. There was only one thing I wish is that they would leave me hooked up to the electrical stimulation longer!"

Georgie Miracle

"This was my second trip to WPT in the past 7 months. The first time was for a shoulder injury resulting from an accidental fall. I was in therapy for 3 months and was also on jury duty during this time period. The office staff was very helpful to schedule my appointments in between the jury sessions. Then I needed additional therapy for a back problem in late January of 2010, and returned to WPT. I feel there is a very good team of therapist here-they are knowledgeable and work well together. The appointments were on time, and I would certainly recommend WPT to family and friends."

Marilyn Roe

Quad Graphics has used Mike Spalding with Woodford Physical Therapy for several years now to conduct a return to work program and test our employees that have been out on Short Term Disability. His tests simulate the work they will need to perform when they are back in the workplace. Mike has been instrumental in working with the physician and us when an employee has been released to return to work but in the return to work test, he found they aren't ready to come back to work. Mike knows our work requirements and follow-up with the employees so they can return to work at the proper time when they can in fact perform the work required. I would highly recommend using Mike and Woodford Physical Therapy in your return to work program.

Jim Thompson

"I walked three miles today. Thanks Mike!
I had surgery at the end of October 2013 for a torn meniscus, torn after stepping in a hole while power walking down a hill in my neighborhood in May. On the day after my knee surgery, I fell down a flight of stairs. Needless to say, I was a mass pf pain (neck, shoulder and knee) with many bruises. The week before Thanksgiving, my doctor recommended physical therapy.

I limped into Woodford Physical Therapy unable to either bend (87) or fully straighten my knee or neck. Mike analyzed my aches and pains and came up with a treatment plan. Throughout the four months it consisted of wall slides; wrapping a towel around my foot and pulling, which forced my knee to bend; standing on one foot on a pillow for balance; riding a bicycle plus neck and shoulder stretches----all, twice a day!

I’m no heroine, but I was determined to walk normally. That was my motivation; Mike and his team were my inspiration. They treated me kindly, but with determination! And---I did the exercises twice a day, every day, without exception! Mike encouraged and measured weekly, from 87 to 90, to 102, to 106, 110, 112, 115, 120 and finally 122. My doctor wanted to manipulate my knee at 90 and give me injection at 102, but with Mike’s encouragement I kept doing the exercises twice a day, every day. Just as he predicted, I walked out of therapy at the end of four months with the movement restored in my neck, shoulder and knee---and without a limp!

I don’t walk quite as fast and I watch where I put my feet; but I walked three miles today on the street in my neighborhood! Thanks, Mike."

Barbara Hartsell

"In December, 2015, I had a reverse shoulder replacement. When the surgeon released me to start physical therapy, I chose Woodford Physical Therapy. I had already had one very positive rehab with them. The entire staff is friendly & extremely helpful in your regaining your strength & mobility. The physical therapists gives you many helpful exercises to do at home to help regain your strength. I always recommend them for any of your rehabilitative needs."

Sharon Carroll

"After going to Woodford Physical Therapy, I determined that is the only facility I would consider in the future. My problem was addressed by a warm and friendly staff of professionals who have the patient's care at heart. You become part of the family at WPT!"

Ed Parsons

"I have been patient of Woodford Physical Therapy for many years and always found my experience to be excellent. Both my lower legs were swelling during runs and all the doctors couldn't figure out what was going on. Mike Spalding suggested I have them test me for a compartment syndrome, a potentially deadly condition. I did have compartment syndrome which required immediate surgery. Without his suggestion, I may have not be here today. The most recent reason for my visits were attributed to three frozen should surgeries in the past year. Their care and expertise has helped me through a difficult recovery. I would most definitely recommend them and they are my choice for physical therapy."

Wayn Reams

"Unfortunately I have had to experience a few too many broken bones and surgeries in my lifetime and have been to several different physical therapists. The quality of care I received was the best I have ever had. The staff was excellent from the front office to the assistants to the therapist himself. I would recommend them to anyone. "

Lance Hayden

"If you are ever in need of any type of physical therapy, then you have to go to Woodford Physical Therapy!!! They are miracle workers! I honestly thought I was going to need surgery on my lower back, but they worked with me and now I am 100% better!!! Everyone that works there goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. You can't go wrong here!"

Stacey Webb

"Following surgery on my knee, I chose Woodford Physical Therapy for my rehab and recovery. Under their excellent care, I have regained my strength, balance, and mobility. I have been so pleased with the level of care I received that I brought my mother-in-law from Tennessee to benefit from their expertise. When a physician recommends physical therapy, my family always chooses Woodford Physical Therapy."

Agatha Graham

"I have been a patient off and on for several years and I have always received great care with successful results at Woodford Physical Therapy. Their knowable staff and friendly atmosphere have always made my visits and recovery a pleasant experience."

Sandy Lippert

"Really enjoyed my experience here "everyone there were really nice and helpful, went in with a lot of pain and through my therapy and exercises that I was shown to do at home I can say I'm pain free and feel great, thank you all so much for helping me feel better."

Rhonda Donoho

"I had a great experience here."

Mimi Rogers

"It was a great experience; the staff was knowledgeable and very helpful! They helped me to get back to the status I was before I got hurt. I would come back if I needed to and will advise other to as well!"

-Loren "Squirrel" Carl

"I suffered, what my orthopedist described as, "a devastating re-injury" to my right knee. I had one to Woodford PT for the treatment of my previous injury and was extremely please with the treatment and results. The recovery from my second injury and surgery was more challenging than the first, but thanks to the patience and professionalism of Mike Spalding and his staff, my recovery exceeded the goals set by my doctor. Mike and his staff appear to sincerely care about the welfare of their patients. The atmosphere at the facility is always positive and upbeat. I trust what Mike Spalding says and his treatments, and that serves me well."

-Ferrell Wellman

"Since suffering a serious ankle injury over three years ago I was unable to do certain things such as play golf, jog or even take a casual walk due to the pain I endured. Then in the fall of 2014 my doctor recommended physical therapy at Woodford Physical Therapy. I was apprehensive because I had tried PT before and it didn't seem to help my pain and discomfort. But I took my doctor's advice and went to Woodford Physical Therapy for my initial consultation and within the first ten minutes of speaking with Mike Spalding about my injury and how they were going to rehab not only my ankle but my lower leg to help make the ankle stronger, I had a good feeling that I would be able to enjoy the things I had missed out on the previous three years. By the 6th appointment I was able to go to the driving range and hit golf balls. By the 8th appointment I was able to jog a mile. Now a month later, I am able to run for two miles and walk for 18 holes of golf, something I thought I would never do again. I owe all of this to Mike and has wonderful staff, all of which personally helped me get to where I am at today. I can't thank them enough for all they have done. I have recommended others to him and will continue to recommend others who need physical therapy to schedule an appointment with Woodford Physical Therapy."

- Master Sergeant Chad Jones